Well, that was interesting. Welcome to all the Robot Wisdom and Scripting News readers who came back for a second helping.

The Day The Browser Died: Or, what happens when web designers are just asked to put up with Too Much. An interesting and amusing, albeit annoyingly multi-paged read.

Salon has an interview with Simon Singh, author of the recent The Code Book. I especially liked the part that touched on the sudden eruption of the cryptography meme from the cultural hive-mind (see page 2 of the interview), although it’s a bit odd that Echelon isn’t mentioned at all. (Fnord!)

This is what it’s like to have major cred in the 'blog world: You stop updating for a week or so, and people are so distraught, they start putting up parody sites to explain the absence. I mean, I miss Jason too, but damn!. (Fun lunch break game: Spot all the minor (“Get a life, nerd!”) changes Adam made to the template.)

Is an HIV gene the magic bullet to cure cancer? There are a couple of issues that I’ve thought of with the science, at least as it’s presented in the press release. I started a thread over on to discuss them, so check it out over there if you’re interested.

The BT corn/butterfly flap continues.

The book review didn’t really do anything for me, but the design is gorgeous! (Although it looked better on the 1280x1024 at work than the 832x640 at home.)

Let’s see, you’re a scientist, working in a field with a major public relations issue. People tend to associate what you do with Dr. Frankenstein, some of the worst parts of Nazism, and playing $DEITY in general. So, when some patients in clinical trials die for what you think are issues completely un-related to your gene therapy treatments, what’s the most rational thing you could do? Why, try to cover the deaths up, of course. Yah, that’s a good plan.

Look! It’s a big ass dinosaur!

The species was among the last of the large dinosaurs.

“This guy is an Edsel,” Cifelli said. “He’s an old design. By this time, that body plan is just not working anymore. By the time this guy comes along, they are dying out in North America. He is pretty much the last of his kind.”

Via apathy, it’s the 1999 NetHack tournament. This is just so pathetically geeky that I’m finding it very difficult to resist entering, even though I’m much more of a Angband player.

Personal and To Do Meta Oh, Bog, where to start… Still have that cold, still sound like death, even though I’m feeling much better. Still have an impressively long list of things to do, but things are getting crossed off at about the same rate they get added, so it’s not getting longer, it’s just churning a lot. Hopefully this weekend…HAHAHA, I can’t believe that thought actually crossed my mind. I’m never getting caught up, and that’s…okay.