turkey eve

Color laser printers suck, but the Xerox DocuPrint C55 at my work-place sucks harder and longer than most. Three hours to print a measly 41 pages. Wouldn’t have been nearly so bad, but I had to power cycle the thing. After. Every. Print. Job. Of course, given a malf like that, the printer just had to be on another floor, stuck in the most out-of-the-way possible corner. Grrr.

On the good news tip, my manuscript will be departing tomorrow. Yay!

A couple of quickies before I collapse into bed:

The real question is what effect cracking down on “cyber-slacking” would have on 'blog production levels…

A review of Cliff Stoll’s new book, High Tech Heretic. I enjoyed his previous books, so I’ll probably pick this one up also. Some of the reasoning seems a bit fuzzy, however. As quoted in the review:

To the idea that students will graduate into a world of ubiquitous computing, he says, "Automobiles are everywhere, too. They play a damned important part in our society and it's hard to get a job if you can't drive. ... But we don't teach automobile literacy."

Hrm. Seems I must have imagined taking Driver’s Ed in eight grade.

If you’ve got ZDtv, and you’re curious to see what Cliff looks like, turn it on for a couple of hours. There are these public-service-announcement-like mini-rants called “Cliff’s Notes”. (He looks about like you’d figure he does.)

Domain name madness. Well, just.say.no doesn’t exist, but say.no does. I’m a bit disappointed about that.

Come back tomorrow for the big Turkey Day update, chock full of goodness.