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Well, this is the latest GeneHack revision; hopefully it doesn’t cause browsers to go down in flames or anything. Once I get a chance to check out the rest of the site in a couple additional browsers at work, I’ll be moving everything over to this look, but for now it’s only on the front page. Comments to jacobs@genehack.org will be received gratefully.

Odd search engine hit in the referral log: i want a sandbenders on Google.

The Geeksalad Comic Page might be useful for you comics junkies on fat pipes (warning: many large images; modem users proceed with caution…) The *nix types out there might prefer TkComics, which is a tool to grab only the comics you want.

If you’re just getting started with Emacs or XEmacs, the very unofficial .emacs home will be very useful. If you’re an Emacsen expert, you still might pick up a trick or two for customizing your setup – and if you’re not going to customize it, why bother with it? 8^)=

Yet another personality type page; this one relates the Myers-Briggs types (INTJ, ENTP, etc.) to descriptions of psychopathologies from the DSM-IV. I’m not sure if this indicates low levels, or tendencies, etc., but it’s sort of fun.

This will be useful – an open sourced book about using CVS. Cool; I’m pretty sure I’ll be involved in at least one CVS setup real soon now, and maybe two, so I should get on the stick and read this.

RMS talks about some proposed changes to British law. Scary stuff, especially given what happened in .au last week. Stuff like this is why I’m hoping Bradley gets to make a serious run – Tipper’s history in this area is frightening, McCain has historically been a opponent of strong crypto, and Dub-ya’s just hopeless.

Cool 'blog name: Renegade Gene Haven. Coming to a Start page near here soon.

Biology/geek humor

www.bookcloseouts.com Must. Not. Spend. Money.

After a couple of relaxing days of vacation, I’m rapidly getting back into my bad habits. This is going to be a long, long week.