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My Ass is a Weblog

During an insanely busy weekend, I managed to squeeze in time to have coffee with Ben Wing, which was very cool. Hopefully I’ll have the time to rework the XEmacs website in the ways that we discussed in the near future.

I also am growing weary of the current GeneHack look, which inspired me make the color changes to this page, and to whip up this more extensive revision, which I’ll hopefully roll out soon. Big props to Brig, for some CSS to die for. Any comments or suggestions on the new look are welcome at jacobs@genehack.org.

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent resuscitating a damaged Linux install, which I used as an excuse to repartition some disks to give me a bit more room here and there, and to upgrade to the most recent version of LinuxPPC. Everything appears to have gone moderately well, so I should be back up to speed for the rest of the week.