Well, I’ve made the big time. I feel so proud, yet so dirty.

Molly Ivins has another good piece up today. I wish I had US$201 to send Bill Kreml, and I don’t think South Carolina is going to make the short list of future places to live. (That link will probably break next week; does anyone know of a way to find permanent URLs for Molly Ivin’s columns?

Way back in April, I linked to this story, saying that the New Madrid fault (near St. Louis, MO) wasn’t as big as a risk as had been previously thought. Now, I link to this story, which says it is a huge risk. Any geologists out there care to comment?

The human genome project: a false dawn? Interesting overview of the reasons for sequencing the genome, some of the long-term benefits that may result, and some of the reasons why it might be more complicated than many people think. (In case anyone cares, I’m in the “it’s a start, but there’s still a lot left to do after the sequence is done” camp.)

Major Journals Join To Offer Online Service Linking Research. It’s difficult for me to interpret this as anything but a fright response brought on by the E-biomed proposal.

The FedGov wants to give cops some serious cash to encourage them to take and store DNA samples of just about anybody. (Well, anybody who’s committed a “crime” – like, say, failure to use a turn signal.) On a certain superficial level, this doesn’t seem all that different than storing fingerprints – but fingerprints don’t contain information about what diseases you might get in 10 years. Bad, bad idea.

Another one for the scary column: Option X:

Option X provides students with the ability to make decisions based on provided scenarios and their own personal convictions. A safe exploratory storyline allows students to critically examine their own perspectives regarding current issues. This in turn, empowers students to understand the importance of their beliefs and how it can effect society.
Brought to you, for only $39.95 by (no lie!) Catholic Software Canada, and The Redemptorist Bioethics Consultancy. <shudder>

Culled from SDM: The real reason behind SUV popularity.

Some map links, so I can show them to Dave at work tomorrow: The WWWVL Cartography Resources
Map History
Science Maps and Cartography Resources

DoubleClick is one of the major banner ad companies. They use a cookie to track what ads you’ve seen, ostensibly so that you “don’t have to see the same ad over and over”. The user tracking possibilities are a completely accidental byproduct. You can, however, opt out.

Well, I shouldn’t get sucked in, because I really don’t have the time, but over on MetaTalk, there have been some interesting 'blog threads. I especially liked Nancy B’s post, 3rd from the end as I write this. Of course, I’m a navel-gazing 'blog roller, so of course I’m in favor of people saying nice things about how hard this is.

Oh – and some of my limited stock of “shut the fsck up” bullets have been earmarked for the Gabby person who slagged off 'blogs in general in most of the thread linked above, and Day Without Weblogs specifically in the (currently) last post. Get a grip, eh? Especially since, if Brad hadn’t put together DWW, and some 'blogger had the cojones to darken their site on 12/01, Gabby would have been all over the poor sod. “Oh, look, they think they’re artists now…”. Pfeh. Bah.

And on that note…y’all have a good weekend. Don’t get hurt shopping for those Thanksgiving goodies… (Oh – site meta: Start pages were updated slightly.)