I distributed the “final unless $BIG_PROBLEMS” draft of my manuscript today. This means I’m mostly free (well, not really) until Monday. Catchup time!

Last night, I saw upon the stair,
a little man that wasn’t there.

One for the “Read later” file: SunWorld on grep (via

What is it with all these personality type sites I’m running across? This one gets pretty harsh.

“Genetic testing makes things complicated” seems to be the conclusion of this Salon article. It touches on all the major issues of the debate(s) about genetic testing (with a particular focus on pre-natal testing), and places the concerns in the context of the American Eugenics movement earlier this century, but offers little insight into solutions.

The hard-core Perlers no doubt already know about this, but Randal “Learning Perl” Schwartz has an online archive of WebTechniques columns that he’s written. Lots of fun things, like fetching comics, file flocking, cookies, and all kinds of fun web Perl magic. Definitely a “peruse at length”.

The GM food debates are coming to America. This should be interesting. Remember, the question isn’t really “Do you want to see GM food”, it’s “How do you propose to feed six billion people without using GM food?”. Answering “It’s okay for those people, but not my kids” does not get you moral fiber points, BTW.

Here is the Wired cover I gushed about the other day. (~200 K .gif, and judging from a quick browse, that link will break in a month or so, so grab the file for printing now).

Dan “Apathy” Fitch came through with some James Porto linkage: good and better

I’m pretty sure I’ve pointed to How to Write Unmaintainable Code before, but after that contract job fell through, I have a much deeper understanding.

Coming soon: Pharm animals.