The CSM has an interesting analysis of Governor Ventura’s effect on politics. I’d much rather see a Bradley/McCain run-off than a Gore/Bush choice, but I don’t think I’m likely to get my wish.

Humans less diverse than chimps. Interesting work, but it seems like they should be looking at more than one locus before making these claims. On the other hand, I know relatively little about this branch of biology.

Okay, all the 'bloggers who have considered putting up a picture of themselves, just to increase their chances of getting mentioned in Bloat, raise your hand.
/me raises hand sheepishly. /me says, “I’ve even got a beard! I’m a shoe-in!”

Can You Trust This Penguin?:

Our NT server crashed an average of once every six weeks. Each failure took roughly 30 minutes to fix. That's not so bad, until you consider that neither Linux server ever went down.

Last week, I linked to thehungersite.com at the suggestion of David Cohen. However, I erroneously linked to the thank you page, instead of the real link. Sorry 'bout that, and thanks to David for pointing out my error.

I know several other 'blogs have linked thehungersite.com; do people generally link the front page, as I’ve done above, or directly to the donation script?

Site Meta: Search engine referrals #1 #2. Someone at Google has decided I’m the dot-file guy, or something.

Personal Meta: Whew! Mostly caught up on the mail side of the hole, except for one particular project. Thought I had more links to link, but can’t seem to find them. Should be completely back up to speed after this weekend, although the Installfest on Sunday could be a bit of a time sink. Hopefully I’ll get those ePinions finally written next week – I’m eager to go, but something else always seems to demand my attention.