personality dis-order

Greetings, Gentle Readers; this update is being brought to you by the 25th Anniversary Anchor Christmas beer, which became available in Tucson today. My wife and I have had this beer every year since we started dating; this will be the ninth bottle that we add to our collection. It’s not as obnoxiously spicy this year, but it’s definitely a heavy winter ale.

This could be hella useful for me: Online Journal and Diary Software for Emacs (Records Mode); now I just have to find time to learn how to use it…

Perl Mongers Career Center – for my possible future use.

Bump is working on a new look; dig the coffee cups.

Research shows that the “early to rise” part of the old saw actually makes you stressed out. Maybe this is my problem…or it could just be that I’m a bastard by nature.

I hate to seem like I’m always quarreling with the web heavyweights, but I think Jakob Nielsen missed the boat in the last Alertbox. I don’t want specialized applications for doing things; I want intelligent modular frameworks that can be expanded to meet my needs, within the same GUI. On an average day, I open three applications: Netscape, an xterm, and XEmacs (editing, news, and mail). I really don’t want to have to open anything more than that; I’ll make an exception for the Gimp and some games, but that’s about it. I’ll point out that a unified modular framework would also do a much better job at this:

When offering multiple interfaces, it is important that they feel like variations of a single system, even though they have different designs:

You’ve probably heard about the blogsearch over at linkwatcher, but I’m mentioning it just in case I’m the only 'blog you read, or something. It’s cool.

Does anybody else get nervous when they hear about the FBI watching fringe groups? Sure, they’ve got a decent sounding reason to be concerned, but given their track record…

Meta observation: You can tell when I start to get busy, because the number of science links goes down (those articles take longer to read and evaluate than the other stuff).

’Blog meta: I’ve got more, but I think I’m going to hold on to them; the next couple of days are going to be busy, but I should be able to ration my links and make it through. 8^)=

Personal meta: Decided last week that it was quicker to order some payware to make plots, rather than futz around for days re-parsing data and figuring out how to make Gnuplot do new tricks. Payware still isn’t here; could have coded up gnuplot stuff by now. Yet another highly productive week in graduate school…