monday already?!

Wow, the weekend just flew by.

First off, Bring the Rock is back. Happy happy joy joy!

Most everything on is good, but I especially liked the Origins of Sysadmins piece. Where do I sign up?

These incidents, and others like them, are responsible for the bad taste in my mouth whenever I hear somebody talk about ‘animal rights’. I realize that not everybody in the movement is like the people responsible for this latest outrage, but that doesn’t matter.
Like the man said, “Death to all fanatics!”

Many people are pointing to John Scalzi’s Best of the Millennium!; I’m jumping on the bandwagon so that I’ll remember to crawl through the archived entries.

Contributed by a GeneHack reader: How Biological Molecules Move Electrons: Simplicity Trumps Complexity: It turns out that proximity is probably the major factor in the electron transport chains that keep life going. This is an interesting paradigm shift from the way I was taught it works.

That same reader requested that I plug the The Hunger Site. Everybody out there is already hitting that one once a day, right?

Feel some obscene need to make your X11 setup look just like Windows? Check out QVWM. [screenshot]

Lots of new entries on the 'blog map. The geographical distribution is starting to get interesting; the Left Coast density was predictable, but check out all those dots in the northeast quadrent. 'Sup with that?

Laziness is a Privacy Threat. Good things to think about for all you lucky DSL equipped people out there.

I added a couple of new entries to the Start pages, including Larkfarm (aka Mike’s Weblog) and Shitstorm (aka something to offend everyone).

If you tried to mail me this weekend, it may have bounced. Basically, my ISP pulled a thinko; resend anything important, eh?

In other mail news, I generated a public key for my address and submitted it to It’s also available here at my public key page.

Personal Meta: Wow. I spent most of the weekend hacking on one thing or another; I feel like I got a lot done, but at the same time there’s a load of stuff I wanted to do that I didn’t even think about, much less work on. I might take a night or two off from 'blogging to work on those ePinion pieces I’ve been promising for so long; I’ve also got a busy time coming up at work this week (Oh Great Ghu! I have to give lab meeting…ay yi yi…)