memory failure

Steve Bogart has come up with a solution to the problem I have with Dave Winer’s web writing style. (See the archives for details on that.) Oh yes, and NowThis is back, at least for a day or so. (yay!)

Odd referrer hit: Marijuana. (No pun intended on the ‘hit’ tip…)

Interesting: But what does that gene do?

Now, a new breed of armchair genome analysts has come to the rescue, as is explained in Nature. Using ingenious computational techniques these analysts have assigned probable functions to more than half the new yeast genes -- without leaving the comfort of their computer screens.
That sounds like my kind of job!

Cam points to this story about the sexual identity of cars. I’d just like to add that not only is the Cabrio a ‘chick’ car, it’s usually a ‘sorority chick’ car. So there.

Got Bloat?

I’m still working on the review. I did some comparison research on Blink this weekend, and I have to say it’s pretty slick. Hopefully that will be one of the many things I accomplish this weekend.

That’s it for today; too tired to do more. Everybody have a good weekend!