left of the dial

It’s about 2:45 am as I write this; I’m finally home after 4 hours of fighting with a balky color laser printer. I should be in bed, but I can tell I’ve had too much caffeine for that, so I’m relaxing with an Anchor Steam Christmas and an update before I retire.

Brig is back from the dead. Her observation about job offers is interesting. In the past, I’ve noticed the same thing in relationships – members of the appropriate sex seem to find you much more interesting when you’re with someone than when you’re single.

Could the Patent Office get any more out of touch? Maybe we could start a collection and subscribe them to some news periodicals, or something.

Well, I thought I had some more links around here, but I can’t find them. Bookmark organization is high on the list of things that must be done. Maybe this weekend…

The December 1999 cover of Wired is fantastically gorgeous, in a mutant Maxfield Parish kind of way. I’ll love to have a large print of the cover, but I’m pretty sure it’s out of my current budgetary reach. A quick search failed to locate a home site for the photographer, James Porto, although I did find that he’s involved in several lawsuits. Anybody have a pointer to an archive of his work?

I’ve also somehow acquired a subscription to Upside; if one of you wacky kids out there had something to do with that, thanks. It looks to be at least as interesting as Wired.