hold on hope

Even more revised revision. This is going to become the new GeneHack look Real Soon Now, so speak up if you’ve got a display problem in your browser of choice. I’ll be doing final compatibility checks today, but it should be pretty clean.

Speaking of revision, the bookmark management site that I use, Clip2.com, has gotten a make-over. That long-awaited comparison between Clip2.com and Blink is coming up, probably this weekend.

The National Research Council says exobiologists should start thinking about Europa, and recommends that NASA put Europan missions on equal footing with Martian ones.

Wendy Kaminer, author of Sleeping with Extra-Terrestrials, talks about the spread of the irrational in America in this interesting Atlantic interview:

When you consider the convergence of celebrity culture, pop therapies, new technologies, and all the anxious supernaturalism that's been aroused by the approach of the year 2000, public life in America has become so much weirder than I ever imagined it could possibly be that what once might have seemed surreal, now is merely mundane.

Yet another cool keyboard. I’ve found that my wrists are getting much better, which I credit to the wrist braces I started wearing when they began to really hurt. The vitamins probably didn’t hurt, either.

How important is one percent? Well, when it’s the one percent difference between the genetic makeup of humans and chimps, it’s probably at least a little bit important.

Well, I’ve got a whole folder full of linkage – and a whole laundry list of other things I should get done. So, this is going to have to be it for the moment. Perhaps more later.