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LinuxPlanet has the first part of a spam filtering HOWTO. Starts simple with headers, and then quickly ramps up to Perl-based filters. Something for all: the newbie can learn some useful stuff about how email works, and the power-users might pick up a Perl trick or two for processing mail.

My Amazon wish list. The holidays are only two months off – never too early to start.

There is a perfect editor

The “My editor is better than your editor” argument easily comprises the longest-running continuous argument in computer programming. One can easily dismiss most of the common arguments on the topic, since the argument-makers appear ill-informed, no definitions of terms ever get offered or agreed-upon, hidden assumptions riddle the arguments and subjective preference carries more weight than experiment. Nevertheless, editor users bring up important points on ease-of-use, editing power, and what sort of interface an editor possesses. Despite endless discussion, poorly-formed concepts like “easy”, “powerful”, “consistent” “intuitive” and their opposites appear in most of the arguments. No two arguers agree on what the terms mean.

In order to form more perfect arguments, I present a first cut at a bibliography of real research that seems directed toward finding the perfect editor. I did not perform an exhaustive literature search, so please inform me of any missing citations. I’m missing electronically-retrievable forms for almost all of these papers.

Thanks to Dan “Apathy” Fitch, who tracked down the apparent original of the joke I linked to last week. See the not-quite-identical listing at the Onion’s site. Since it appeared to be a rip-off of their content, I’ve removed the email that used to be here.

Someone is working on a replacement for There’s also a more explicict spec list. This is a good idea; the current is very cumbersome.

NINmacs. Be afraid, be very, very afraid.