think faster.

Okay, I didn’t get back to the usual sources. Another minimal update; I’ll see what I can do this weekend, but I’m supposed to be finishing a manuscript, and I’ve got a couple weeks backlog of web droid stuff to do, and some other projects, so…it’ll probably get done, as I’m going to need to procrastinate something on that list.

I got a nice long list of mail database stuff from Dan “Apathy” Fitch, which I’ll be crawling through when I get done with this update. Expect pointers to anything that looks useful. Also upcoming, at Dan’s request, a mini-review.

Navel-gazin’ I: The new look at Whim & Vinegar kicks big booty and takes down names. One of the more aggressive and in-your-face 'blog designs I’ve seen, it’s still very readable. Way to go Jen!

Navel-gazin’ II: If somebody digs up the “shut-the-fuck-up” bullets for Peter, I’d appreciate a cup or two also, 'kay? I promise to use them sparingly.

Navel-gazin’ III: Why is GeneHack #5 on this search? Is someone at Yahoo trying to send me a message?

The Macintosh customization site ResExcellence has a new section, the Linux Icebox, devoted to LinuxPPC customization.