save my foot for luck

Whew. Catching up, slowly. I realized that a large fraction of my reading energy (looking for stuff to put in here) was being wasted on things that I can’t link to directly (like the local newspaper, which goes subscriber-only after one day). So, there will be some major changes to the Start pages this weekend; I’m only going to read from sites I can link to. In case any of you care, that is.

There’s a Perl module for working with Big Brother Data Base (BBDB) files there too, but it’s the picture of the dog you should go look at.

I might have linked to this before, but I’m willing to do it again: The Unofficial Jim’s Journal page. This was my favorite comic back in my undergrad days, but until I read the Chicago Trib article from the site, I didn’t realize the artist is one of the people behind The Onion.

I don’t get I can understand the utility of syndication or aggregation for sites that have fixed update schedules, or sites that I’d consider ‘small’, but if I want to see the latest from Wired News (for example), I’ll go to the source. That way, I don’t have to wonder when the their site was scraped last, or what content hasn’t yet been grabbed, or what content the aggregator decided to drop. Of course, I’m probably not a member of their target audience. And given that this:

This web site is not endorsed by, or in any way affiliated with, any of the publications whose content is linked to.
is at the bottom of the page, putting a banner ad on there is a bit cheesy, I think.

If you haven’t voted in Jorn’s latest poll, get to it. I’m a bit frightened at how much of an outlier I am; I need more hobbies, or something.

One more thing to think about before getting that nipple ring:

Following that incident, Khanna and his colleagues interviewed 28 doctors working in A&E departments to see if they knew how to remove three common types of body jewellery. Only six did. Alarmingly, four suggested cutting though the surrounding tissue, Khanna reports in the Journal of Accident and Emergency Medicine (vol 16, p 418).
**Note 1:** Umm, ***ouch!***
**Note 2:** "A&E" is accident and emergency; it seems to be Brit-speak for ER.
**Note 3:**That guy in the picture is from Tucson, and shops at the same grocery store I do, which is occasionally...odd. You can see more at

Speaking of weird Tucson celebrity stuff, today I saw Gary Coleman standing on a median during morning drive time, doing a live remote for a local radio station. That was also just a bit odd.

This was in a couple of 'blogs last week, but the lab that did the fullerene wave-particle duality work has a site up. It’s more than a bit technical, but it has the correct citation for the paper, which I couldn’t find in the other reports. has an open letter to Jeff Bezos. Of course, if they were smart enough to understand this reasoning, they wouldn’t have opened this can of worms in the first place…

Meta I: Pursed Lips has a revamped look, a bit more plain, but much faster loading. The two-column layout also makes for a more readable main content section. Of course, Debra said I was ‘a God’, so take all this with a grain of salt.

Meta II: Windowseat has been silent for over a week; hope everything is okay over in Laurel’s neck of the woods.

Meta III: While I understand the sentiment I sense behind Cam’s mini-rant the other day, pieces like that always make me self-consciously wonder if I’m one of the un-named sites. After thinking about it a bit, I decided if anybody thinks I’m ass-kissing, or ass-kissing too much, they can piss right off. It’s my 'blog, and I’ll ass kiss who I want to. (It’s a pretty short list, in case you were wondering.) Don’t like it? Start your own damn 'blog.

Well, I’ve got some other stuff, but I’ll save it. I should be working on that manuscript, but I think I’ll finish catching up on my mail.