nyquil breath

Back full force, yee haw! Speaking of ‘yee haw’, check out the TNN section in this fall 1999 television lineup.Later Update: Dan Fitch of Apathy let me know that this content originated in The Onion, possibly in the print version. If anyone can find this content online, let me know, and I’ll point to it instead

On an entirely different note, I’ve written up some thoughts on why I’m participating in Day Without Weblogs. These were inspired by Dan Lyke’s comments on the same subject, so you might want to read his first, and then come back here.

A nice comphrensive microarray publication portal/list. This should be nice for the bio-geeks in the house.

Speaking of bio-geeks, if you are one, or if you’re not, get over to molbiol.org and contribute to the discussions.

In other bio-geek news, workers over at Cornell have developed a new way of seperating DNA molecules. This is probably the worst example of science reporting I’ve seen in a while. The third paragraph, with the possible exception of the last sentence, is dead wrong. Additionally, the headline talks about the “End of Electrphoresis”, but the method described involves current application to seperate molecules – which is pretty darn close to electrophoresis in my book. Finally, the reason we use electrophoresis is to seperate different DNA molecules based on size in a predictable way. The small ones go further in a given time than the big ones – and that doesn’t seem to be the case here, making this pretty useless.

geekcheat.com, home of the vi reference coffee cup. They do not appear to sell a corresponding Emacs reference beverage container. Rumors that this is due to the prohibitive shipping charges that would be required to deliver a Emacs reference beverage container could not be confirmed.

You Palm Pilot junkies can now get GeneHack on your platform of choice via the magic of Sitescooper. I think this is pretty cool in a very geeky way. As a poor graduate student, I have no Pilot; if someone out there does, I’d dig hearing how well this software works. (Fellow 'bloggers: They’ve got filters for many of you too!)

So, let me get this straight: if I say that reason I won’t vote for Gore (when and if) is because of Tipper’s PMRC past, that’s okay, but if I urge the rest of you not to vote for him either, I have to register as a PAC? Gimme a break… (Link via Bird on a Wire.)

CNN recounts the amusing fallout in the wake of the Kansas Board of Education/evolution mess. (Can you say, “IgNobel award delivery” kids?)

Anybody buy a bag from Amazon yet? I’m lusting after one of these.