i rule!

(Yes, another American Beauty-inspired quote today. Still haven’t seen the movie.)

Can I beat Dan to a good Monastery quote?

Chewbacca is actually not a bad SysAdmin icon. He's large, tends towards inarticulate grunts, doesn't shave, get's stuck with a lot of the technical work, and gets blamed and yelled at when it doesn't work.

Mike Sphar in the Scary Devil Monastery

Check out the upcoming Day Without Weblogs, sponsored by Brad Graham of The Bradlands. I’ll be participating; I urge any other 'bloggers to do so also.

Colt ending consumer handgun production. I can see both sides of this issue all too well, so I’ll only note that the prices in the markets that Colt is remaining in (“military and collectible guns”) are not exactly market-driven (read: ripe for profit-mongering), and in the former case are indirectly paid for via taxes.

An somewhat interesting entry in the 'blog-cum-journal section, dead@32 is from some guy who thinks he’s going to be, um, dead at 32. Had a look based on a spam-mail he sent and pure morbid interest; it’s not coming to a start page near you. ('Least not near me.)

'Blog spam is apparently becoming more and more popular; I suppose that’s inevitable, and I don’t really mind. Here’s a couple suggestions if you’d like to be successful (i. e., get linked): Know what I specialize in, know what my topics are. Make me feel like I’m getting the mail for a reason, not because you went through every 'blog in Brig’s portal and harvested the addresses from them. Remember, you’re asking me for a favor, so try for a minimum level of courtesy, eh? (And yes, quite a few of the 'bloggers talk to each other, and we know when someone spams us.)

And I’m with Dan; if you want me to review something, I’m more than happy to oblige (I keep meaning to start an ePinions account…), but the magic words are “courtesy copies”. Mail me for my snail mail address.

/. had a nice interview with Bruce Sterling last Friday. Some interesting stuff about the Viridian project – Sterling is on my Top Five Living Authors list.

And in the “Life (err, TV) imitates Science Fiction”, CBS is ripping off Wilhelmina Baird (Crashcourse) with a new reality show. I’m not even sure what to say about this.

Spent most of Sunday avoiding real work and hacking on the XEmacs website. If you use XEmacs to build web sites, check out the new Created with XEmacs page.

Rare Saturday update this weekend; see below.