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Cold '99 – now with low grade fever!

One more mail link: Grendel, which is the Java mail and news client for the Mozilla project. (Not to be confused with the C/C++ mail and news client, whose no-doubt cool-and-funky code name I can’t be arsed to dig out.) Anyway, Grendel would seem to be a great choice, given that the Intertwingle manifesto is on the mozilla.org site and all. Ignoring that (a) it’s still a fscking MUA, and I want a separate archive and (b) it’s not (anywhere near) done|stable|usable, there’s this little tidbit:

There are lots of spiffy ideas in intertwingle but the one focussed on here is just to keep a global database optimized for interesting searches across all folders. (From this other page.)

Some RFCs that I could need to look at at some future point are linked from Notes on News, run by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen, author of Gnus.

From the Christian Science 'blog-like thing, news of a very structured teaching program in Chicago. Because we wouldn’t want any of that spontaneous, fun learning preventing the kiddies from passing the standardized tests, now would we?

If you’ve been following any of the recent Patent Office insanity, the last sentence of this Wired article should either fill you with fear or induce paroxysms of laughter, depending on how you feel about the first part of the article. (I did both.)

And that’s it. I’m off to write up those notes on my mail database; they might be up later, depending on how far I get and how (un)happy I am with what I produce.