chin music

Still busy, busy, busy. Getting sick. Not a good time, not at all. Also in a bizarre mood, so watch out.

I paid my bill yesterday, so is mine-all-mine until 09/24/2001. Yay! Now to graduate and get a real job so I can afford real hosting…

Salon jumps on the 'blog-wagon with Naughty Bits; personally, I’m sticking with Pursed Lips for my sex 'blogging needs (or is it desires?).

There’s another bookmark site in town: Blink. I’ll be sticking with Clip2, thanks much.

Anybody out there using Mason?

PAN=Pimp Ass Newsreader. Can’t add to that, can I?

Who would have thought that the T7 DNA helicase crystal structure would make Wired News? (A more technical report, with a nice picture of the structure, is here.)

Free online book about learning Perl: Picking Up Perl. Never to late to start learning Perl.

There’s also a new Brave GNU World newsletter out, which relates Open Source software to international human rights.

When user interfaces go bad. (217 K .gif)

Hey! Pop Culture Junk Mail says I’m “kinda sciencey”. Remember kids, science is an essential part of a balanced 'blog experience.

New stupidity by our elected representatives. (Thanks Medley.)

Most everybody else has already linked to It’s a blog’s life, the latest “big media” report on the 'blogging trend. I’m pointing to it also, because I found this report actually did an excellent job of capturing the whole scene or trend.

A blog is a web page, something like a public commonplace book, which is added to each day. There is also in many of them a certain newsy aspect, so that they record significant as well as merely interesting events. If there is any log they resemble, it is the captain's log on a voyage of discovery; and more than anywhere else they preserve the idea of the web as something with raggedy edges and strange attachments, rather than a homogenized circle of programming

I miss Jason.