For the sake of my (hopeful) future career in biology, I’m glad I was actually born in Missouri. I really like Kansas, it was a great place to grow up, but this kind of stuff is embarrassing.

I just finished PGP: Pretty Good Privacy, an old O’Reilly scored at a local used bookstore. The historical content was interesting, in a frustrating way, because it only went up to late 1993/early 1994. I might pick up The Code Book to get the rest of the story.

Big list of ASR quotes. Looks like I’ll have something to do over lunch today. My cow-orkers tend to look at me funny when I laugh at my monitor for long periods of time, so this is definitely a win-win type of deal.

Potentially useful: GOLD: Genomes Online Database. Basically a meta-list of publicly accessible sites.

This looks…interesting: Website Meta Language “WML is the Unix toolkit for getting your web designer’s HTML job done.”

Interesting in a related way: Entity.

Entity is an XML parser and renderer which can be used to build user interfaces for applications in XML, and modify them at runtime with embedded Perl. This allows you to quickly and easily create applications using XML and Perl.

This should help with my MySQL learning: Beginning MySQL Tutorial at

Lifted from Cam; here for posterity: Advanced Web Programming

So many cool things to learn, so little time!