baba o'riley

Today’s title brought to you by the TV trailers for American Beauty. I’m actually considering breaking my personal rule and venturing out to see this in (gasp!) a theater.

It’s making the rounds, so I’ll point to ‘Would You Have Been Drafted?’. I and my brother were both in the 300’s, and I’m pretty sure I’m 4F anyway (were they still using those designators in Vietnam?)

Potential way to pick up some change: Question Exchange.

We are proud to introduce Question Exchange - the source of answers for your technical questions. Our web site provides a marketplace for Customers to contact Experts from around the world in a secure environment.

The Service: There are two ways a customer can post a question:

  1. A customer can post a question, the price he/she is willing to pay for the answer, and the deadline for submitting responses.
  2. A customer can post a question for bidding. This will open an auction in which Experts submit bids with price and deadline for answering the question. A registered Expert that has passed the QuestionExchange certification exams will answer the question. After a customer receives an answer he/she can score its quality on a scale of 0 to 10. The question/answer is kept in a database searchable by all QuestionExchange customers. Features include the topic of the question, the number of buyers, and the average score and price of each question.

(See their About page for more.)

As yet, there aren’t a large number of questions, and the qualifying procedure looks like it will be lengthy, but I’ll see how it goes.

Another interesting content management system: Iaijutsu. I’ll be lurking on the mailing list, watching where this goes.

Possibly useful: Dead Link Check

Mostly for me: RPM index on

meta: Re-indexed the Search engine.