on friday i was browsing around mood swings, and found a link to i followed it, and as i was playing around i ended up registering so, we’ll see how the finances are when the bill gets here, but i think i’m gonna keep it 8^)=. hopefully it’s propagated across the net by now, so clicking that link will take you right back here. i’m using the domain redirection from, but eventually i’ll find a real hosting service. if you link to me, please get in the habit of using the genehack form; it will be more stable in the long run. (you can mail me at now too…)

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my isp has started using for spam trapping. anybody have any positive or negative stories to share? has started posting security updates for the 1999 release.

resampling statistics play a large part in my current research project; it’s odd that there’s a whole web site about them…

buried in this month’s rolling stone was a blurb noting a plan by universal music group (apparently one of the largest record companies in the world) to raise prices on perennial cd favorites such as bob marley’s legend – to US$18.98. and they wonder about the popularity of mp3s…

wired has another bio-biz story, this one about micropayments for sequences. this business model makes no sense to me, which probably means it will be a great success.

another dna computer. i’m not too fond of science daily; the repackaged press releases often make it hard to figure out why something should be exciting. put up another issue last week.

this news will cause either joy or great fear and confusion: sawmill is a new window manager that uses lisp as it’s config language. it’s nice and speedy, but a little too bare bones for my everyday use. if i had a bit more time to play, however, i think i could get it set up nicely. (it plays ok with gnome, in case you were wondering.)

Linux Journal’s 1999 Readers’ Choice Awards

poll: What is the best piece of software ever written?. [results] current winner: photoshop.

guess how i first parsed this entry from telsa cox’s diary:

September 20st : Goodness. Where does all this gunk inside mice come from?

hurmmm. must update more often, if only because skipping days results in more time trying to cull the mass of bookmarks. and the damn start page didn’t get re-done! grrrr.