settled in

whew! all the old genehack pages on treefort have been replaced with pointers to the appropriate new pages. hopefully this will make search engine users happy, 'cuz they won’t hit a dead link.

paranoia or prediction? 'blogs would be hard hit by this kind of regulation. scary stuff…

Medley gets a slight face-lift, with more apparently on the way (i’ve a soft spot for Medley; we share a birthday.) and i’m looking forward to that cryptonomicon review…

compelling floyd journal, via fresh hell.

bionavigator looks as if it would be an interesting place to work. doesn’t appear as if they’re hiring, though.

anybody out there using gtml?

breeding pigs to be more lean (to fulfill market demand) lead to ‘thin sow’ syndrome, a condition that appears to mimic anorexia.

boggle um, maybe you should just browse on your own, then. it’s the net equivalent of ‘change the channel’.

an interesting tactic in the battle to keep a large home depot out of central tucson.

the ecology howto. probably not exactly what you’re thinking.

site cruft: i’m looking for a good reliable web counter service. i’ve tried and, and haven’t been happy with either. anybody with recommendations? (, but you knew that already, right?