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Yesterday was one of those days

A report on the status of E-biomed, the on-line publishing initiative for the life sciences. It’s difficult to peer through the legalese, but it looks like somebody wussed out. The rules for screening organizations may be a small loop hole, however. We shall see.

Cheap chips! Wired also had a report. Might be time to consider unloading that Affymetrix stock…

Another Wired piece from earlier this week: There are 140,000 genes in the human genome, according to researchers at Incyte. Of course, the technique they’re using will err on the high side, as noted by Francis Collins:

“The trick here is how do you count genes using this strategy?” he asked.

“You are going to encounter this same gene over and over again if you don’t recognize the sequence. These are not complete copies – they are usually pretty fragmented.”

“If you have a piece from one end and one piece from the far end and one piece from the middle, you might not recognize that they are from the same gene – you might count them as three genes,” Collins said.

Is there some rule that biotech web sites have to be ugly? Just asking. (Incyte’s isn’t that bad, actually.)

From /., and going in the ‘At leisure’ section: The Programmers’ Stone

Wow! I’m actually caught up on my bookmarked stuff; time to start the hardcore surfing again, I guess.