(published september 21st, 1999)

good weird

Wired News picks up the giant gengineered salmon story.

some person reviews many 'blogs. or is it just an exercise to see how many 'blogistas will point to the page? time will tell. i also disagree with many of the reviews…

actually, after a bit of thought, i disagree with the whole idea. one of the points of 'blogs (IMNSHO,OC) is to supplement your browsing, to extend your reach, and to leverage collective filtering to cut out the cruft. a big part of that is shopping around to find the right 'blogs for you, not listening to some self-appointed reviewer’s opinion. the preceding has been a deeply ironic statement, especially considering the rest of today’s entries. i’d quote you some whitman, but you most likely already know it…

i love how reading lemonyellow.com is like a slow slide down a smoothly greased track, surrounded by surreal scenery. i also love how abada abada is like sitting very still while solidified dreams slide slowly by you. the question is, who’s the external observer that lets you tell the difference? suggestions welcome.

dan has already been drumming, without really realizing it. he is about to change his beat, however, and i think (i hope!) the new cadence will be a powerful one. good luck!