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plans to use data from multiple sequencing projects to identity the minimal set of genes needed to make a bacterium. oh yah, they’re also going to actually make it. even more amazing, the catholic church is on-board (or at least one spokesperson is):

But yesterday, Dr Helen Watt, a philosopher and bio-ethicist working for the Catholic Church in London, said that "provided the motivation is right", then creating a bacterium is acceptable.

"God creates human beings with intelligence and if they can use this intelligence to create a bacterium then that's fine," she said.

the cause of chronic sinitis?

i think i’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: anyone who wants to discuss any of my links or posts in a public forum is welcome to bring up anything on jorn’s weblogs egroup. (you’re also more than welcome to mail me directly, of course.)

the cryptonomicon review mentioned yesterday is up. (i agree with most of it, fwiw.) one addition: i heard somewhere (/.?) that the manuscript stephenson gave the publisher was much longer and that for some combination of economic and book binding reasons, it had to be split up. i hope that explains the somewhat abrupt ending.

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today was a crappy, crappy day. however, there is recovery in the 'blog…