Quick and dirty today, not a lot of jabber:

perl.com has a new look and a bunch of Perl stuff.

The Unix Reconstruction Project is re-coding all the basic Unix commands in Perl.

This month’s Linux Gazette came out last week, as did this month’s Perl Month

Sopranos boycott called for. Um, here’s a quarter. Go buy some Clue.

A bit of navel-gazing (hey, I hafta do it, or they kick me out of the club…). Last week (8.21), Brig pointed to comments by Lindsay regarding basically the social oddness of 'bloggers. The word otaku is tossed about, which I think is somewhat accurate, although we Westerners don’t seem to be able to focus quite like the Japanese. As far as misfit-hood goes, I know one of the many reasons I started doing GeneHack, and keep doing it, is because the people I work with and interact with in meat space pretty much don’t get the web, and were getting annoyed that I kept telling them about stuff to go see.

Oh, and that EU internet addiction thing? (Too lazy to dig up a link you’ve already all seen.) I figured, depending on how you count ‘on-line’, that I’m there between 6 to 12 hours a day. 7 days a week. Guess I should start looking for that 12 step meeting…