Ugh. Yesterday’s unscheduled outage comes care of LinuxPPC, who set up the 1999 installer to generate way too few inodes when formatting drives. Nothing like an un-planned re-install of your Linux system to suck down a day or two. I’m 85% back, however, and figured I’d dash out an update.

Late last week, I volunteered to do some update work on www.xemacs.org, home of XEmacs, my text editor of choice. Since then, I’ve been reading Architecting XEmacs and marveling at this well thought out design plan. Does all software development work like this?

Window Maker users, Largo’s Tips and Tricks has the good stuff you need.

In the ‘When you need it, you really need it’ file: code to syntax colored HTML converter.

I found this before, but the guy had to take it down. Well, now there’s an unofficial mirror of the funniest Back Orifice 2000 screen shot you’ll ever see.

Updates for the rest of the week are going to be, ummm, sporadic, yah, that’s a good word. Real Life plus computer troubles plus a backlog of other stuff that needs to get dealt with. For example, the grass in my backyard has reached waist height. A small neighbor child wandered in there yesterday, and it was like unto Field of Dreams. Also, if you sent me email in the last couple of days, I got it. It’s in the queue, along with all the others. I’m getting to it, I promise.