Opps – looks like I missed a day. This hasn’t been one of my better weeks, has it? Short update today, as I’m still cranking on completing the re-design and don’t want to spend too much time away from that.

Go, Brig, Go

Okay, my next home improvement project is going to be putting a web server in every electronic appliance I own. Why? Because I can! [seen on /.]

I was poking around jwz.org today, and I noticed the new splash page, which I thought was cool. I also read the entertaining story of jwz’s wisdom tooth removal and wondered if the similar scene in Cryptonomicon was inspired by jwz, or just highly coinci-dental. (ouch!)

Silicon Follies looks like it might be entertaining. Has anybody been following it? Let me know if I should try to catch up.

It’s a dark day. My home state, Kansas, dropped evolution from the primary school science curriculum. I hang my head in shame.