Okay, so I lied about the earlier update. Linkage city, today, as a make-up offering.

I’m pulling the design poll out of the side bar and archiving it. The results are mixed; judge for yourself. I think I’m going to go with the screen shot route, myself (Real Soon Now…)

One of the things I’d like to do with Gnus is get it hooked up to The Insidious Big Brother Database. I’m not sure why; it just seems like a cool thing to have set up. It doesn’t quite lead to intertwinglarity, but it’s a step in the right direction.

A couple of recent futurian group meetings have apparently focused on the coming impact of the bio revolution. First, a Fox story on the recent “The Next 20 Years” conference, which sounds like it was cool. Second, a Wired article on costs of immortality. Live forever or die trying, I always say…

Cross-file under ‘Too Much Time’ and ‘Language Wonk’: Correctly pluralizing virus

Obscene hand gestures in a variety of cultures. Not much to add to this one, is there?

New angiogenesis inhibiting proteins. This is important because angiogenesis (blood vessel formation) is required for cancers to get beyond very early stages. The first couple of angiogenesis inhibitors are in the drug approval pipeline (as far as I know); the company (whose name I can’t remember - mail me if you do) made a boatload of cash in its recent IPO.

I think I pointed to molbio.org the other day, but they changed things around a bit, so I’ll point again (also a continuing reminder to me to Daily Dose-ize it).

Dan Lyke of Flutterby reports on (and from) Joshua Tree. Some of the nicest personal (journal-style) writing I’ve seen in some time. Good job, Dan.

The Elements of Style is available on the Web. Thought you might like to know.

First, I saw a NY Times article about it. Then, Dave Winer pitched in his two cents. Several other 'bloggers noted the ‘deep linking’ hullabaloo also. My take: if you make something available on a public web server, it’s public. You want to limit access to your content, that’s your responsibility. Sniff the referring page and bounce people to your front page, what ever. Don’t sue. I also think Dave W’s proposal of a robots.txt-like linking policy is a Very Bad Idea. If I want to link to you, I don’t want to have to dig around for some mostly-out-of-sight document that may or may not be there and then puzzle through Ghu-knows-what legalese. Robots.txt works not only because there’s an informal standard for the format of the content, but because it doesn’t have to be read by people. That’s where Dave jumped tracks.

Amarillo Linux Conference, September 18. Pass the word.

Ugh. Didn’t have as much as I thought. This page is also getting way too large. Hopefully, I’ll get released from tomorrow’s jury duty early and I can play hooky from work and fix some of this cruft…