Small update today; spent most of the evening downloading and compiling this and that (the new version of XEmacs took the longest time to build!) I also spent quite a bit of time reading through the documentation linked off the main XEmacs site. It’s amazing how much that one piece of software can be configured to do.

Bring the Rock pointed to a Fugazi portrait yesterday; on the same site I found these pictures of Rage Against the Machine. Zach de la Rosa has those scary Manson eyes, doesn’t he?

Also, Jason linked to a couple of items about the forthcoming Guided By Voices album on BTR – I’m too lazy to link 'em too; jump over and read them. I’ll wait.

You can get an MP3 of Teenage FBI, one of the new songs, at the Guided By Voices site. Man, that’s some scary fan artwork on that site. The new album cover (disk cover?) looks real ‘design-y’. Cool.

Couple three more music links to round out your day. First, looks like there’s lots of reviews at www.gajoob.com, all bands I’ve never heard of, which is a good thing.

Second, 181.4 Degrees from the Norm has some more ‘mainstream indie’ reviews and links. Another one to dig through on a slow afternoon.

Finally, if you send email to cdgiveaway-subscribe@onelist.com, you’ll be entered in drawings for free swag from indie bands. I’m sure you’ll get some spam as well, but everybody needs a bit of spam, right?
Disclaimer: Not affiliated in any fashion; just thought people might be interested.

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Meta: GeneHack had its 5000th visitor since 14 Mar 99 yesterday. yay!