GeneHack is going on hiatus for about a week. Today’s update is a bit larger than normal, so if you think you can’t get by without my trenchant insights for a whole week, ration yourself. (And contact your friendly neighborhood mental health professional, fer the love of gawd!) While I’m gone, consider perusing some of the other 'blogs listed on my Daily Dose (recently updated with some new faves), or on Brig’s monster weblog portal.

Whew! I had to visit Brig’s portal (to get the link, 'natch), which I hadn’t seen in quite a while. That’s some list! I can almost feel the time being sucked out of my body…

Thanks to Dan Lyke of Flutterby! and Carl Coryell-Martin (apparently web-site-less) for letting me know that CHI=‘Computer-Human Interaction’.

I seem to be wandering across more music news than usual this week. I found a poll about Fugazi’s best album, which people should have a go at. In on the Kill Taker is winning, but there are only 15 votes at the moment.

While cruising around indiePOPradio yesterday, I found my way to a page of free mp3s by Matador Records artists. the yo la tengo cut is cool.

I also (finally) downloaded the mp3s of Idiot Savant Garde, the band featuring Jason of Bring the Rock. Secret Stars is nice; worth a listen if you’re into that indie/emo/punk thing.

Feeding pigs gengineered grains cuts down on environmental pollution resulting from manure, and reduces the stink. The environmental impact from large pig and cattle feeding operations is one of the few arguments for large-scale vegetarianism that I find compelling.

Salon reports that one of the cast members in the most recent Road Rules season (Abe) hacked the production company, in order to more effectively socially engineer his way onto the cast. If you read all the way to the fourth page, there’s an interesting tangential overlap with the ‘slut’ series of articles that’s headlining today. Also, I wonder if the title of the hacking piece was the inspiration for the Cliche Watch on today’s Robot Wisdom

Ian Davis of Internet Alchemy has a new ‘meta-portal’ project, called The Web Starts Here (cool name!). It’s worth a look; I’m not generally a fan of these types of sites (e.g., my.userland.com, or the ‘sideboxes’ on slashdot.org), but this one loads nicely (even over a modem) and has a lot of interesting content to offer.

For example, from the BBC Science channel, I found a nice article about sequencing Pyrococcus abyssi, an extremophilic deep-sea vent bacterium. The industrial possibilities of extremophile enzymes really are astounding. For example, PCR (the polymerase chain reaction), the process behind DNA fingerprinting, modern paternity tests, genetic screening, and other advances, is dependent on a DNA polymerase from extremophiles.

From some 'blog or another, I found my way to Electric Sheep, a comic e-zine. The Guy I Almost Was hit a bit close to home, in the ‘There but for the grace of God’ sense. I’ve got the site bookmarked so I can go back and check out the rest of the content.

Liberty Bell 7 was recovered. I’m glad that they didn’t find the hatch; the ‘true story’ is something we really don’t need to know at this point.

Salon has an interview with Buzz Aldrin, who’s apparently pushing tourism in order to get industry to invest in space. If money was no object, I’d be the first to sign up. As it is, I’ll be buying those lottery tickets, if and when they become available.

Is the Site Miner search box in the margin working for anybody? It doesn’t for me, but I’m thinking (hoping) that it’s a Javascript bug with the LinuxPPC Netscape. I haven’t had time to check it on other platforms. Search for ‘camworld’, and let me know if it returns results. If it says the site is being indexed, don’t bother – that’s what it always does for me.

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