pillowfight has an interview with Ian MacKaye of Fugazi. In other indie music related news, impression has an article about Merge and Matador, two indie labels that are both turning 10 this year. For even more music stuff, get thee to bring the rock! bring it, baby, bring it!

This week is the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon shot. I’m sure you’ll be sick of it before it’s all over (assuming the tributes aren’t drowned out by the John-John thing), but I found this Fox News article quite interesting. It discusses the technological impact of the Apollo program on current everyday life – and lots more than Tang is discussed. Lots of potential fodder for when the chuckleheads ask you what good it did to go to the Moon, ‘just to bring back some rocks’.

(For the record, I’m with Dan on the John-John thing. I just don’t get it; from talking to a couple of people, it seems like an age thing.)

The NY Times uses the Moon shot anniversary to question NASA’s future (free registration required). I’m with Heinlein on this one; “The Earth is too small a basket to keep all our eggs in…” (somebody correct me if I got that wrong, eh?).

Late last week, Salon had a couple of articles on the polyamory movement: Number one and number two. I’m very intrigued by the polyamorists; it appears that The Moon is a Harsh Mistress may be even more prophetic than expected. (You were wondering how I was going to tie NASA to polyamory, weren’t you? Didn’t think I could pull it off, but I did!) Unfortunately, as described in article number two, outting yourself as a polyamorist might lead to some un-desired consequences. (Which was also predicted in tMiaHM, as I recall.)

Finally, down under, one of my fave 'blogs, virulent memes, is going on hiatus. Guess I’ll just have to make do with Grouse.

My phone lines are back up, for the moment. Apparently lots of lines around Tucson had small cracks opened by the recent heavy weather, allowing water into places where it shouldn’t be. Once the lines dry out, the problems go away…until the next rain. Damn, but it’s getting to be time for me to move!