At work today, I was digging the mellow indie sounds offered over indiePOPradio.com. Streaming mp3 content, which means you don’t have to dink with getting Real Audio to work on your Linux box (which I’m seemingly unable to do). You do have an mp3 player, right?
Link found on Bring the Rock, which is a long-overdue addition to the Daily Dose.

Speaking of link lists, I signed up for LinkVision, which is a bookmark service like those I mentioned yesterday. I like it a bit better, and the kids there have passed the most important test – they replied to my comments and questions rather quickly, and were receptive to my input. Yee haw! Plus, Brig of eatonweb is publishing her weblog portal as a public folder. Sweet!

Ginkgo is supposed to help with blood flow to your head. Turns out that it might work for the other head, too.

In the latest Nature, there’s a short news blurb about EMBO (the European Molecular Biology Organization) backing the electronic paper repository idea advanced by the head of the NIH. However, sounds as if there are still quite a few details to work out, including whether or not peer review is going to be involved. Here’s a link, but a non-free subscription is required to view the content. If you’re on a university network, give it a try; your school might have a site subscription.

Jenni of Cam fame rants about money. I’m not a frequent visitor to the JenniCam, but her recent mystery illness has sucked me in.

Spider Robinson has started up his Globe and Mail column again. Spider’s one of my favorite authors; it’s nice to see some non-fiction from him.

Salon reviews the Merge 10th anniversary comp. One of these days, when I’ve got some money (yah, right!), I really need to get to the record store…