Long but very good article about the pluses and minuses of gengineered plants:

Looming behind the ecologists’ fears is the belief that molecular biologists who work with DNA on the laboratory bench don’t understand fully how it behaves in the field. According to Rosemary S. Hails of the British National Environmental Research Council’s Institute of Virology and Environmental Microbiology, “The risk assessment of transgenic organisms is a multidisciplinary subject, which should include ecologists, molecular biologists, agronomists and sociologists.” Instead, companies tend to delegate decisions about the release of transgenic crops to molecular biologists-who are not trained to appreciate the full complexity of how the genetic code interacts with environmental factors.

I think I saw this originally on Robot Wisdom

Open Source/Open Science will focus on (duh) the use of Open Source software in science. One of the scheduled threads is about biology; I hope it’s more than ‘How Perl Saved the Human Genome Project’.

With my new digital cable hookup, I now get ZDTV, and can now safely say that John Dvorak on television is even more of an ass than John Dvorak in print. Katie Hafner (Cyberpunks,Where the Wizards Stay Up Late), on the other hand, is actually quite interesting. Rather, she could be, if Dvorak would keep his pie hole shut long enough for her to make a complete point.

Ever wanted to know what’s on those word-filled cards that flash by at the end of Dharma & Greg? This site can help.

Everybody in the 'blog world seems to be really digging the saturn.org design. I dig it too, but one thing puzzles me: how come Netscape on my 96 MB RAM Linux box has to start swapping when I visit there? It’s very odd, but as that page is loading, Netscape starts sucking up all available memory. Happens on my 128 MB RAM work box also. Maybe tomorrow I’ll check out what happens on the Macs and Wintels around the lab.

Seems like everybody is still struggling back from the long weekend…