The cable guy didn’t show. The delivery guy didn’t show. The ergo keyboard I ordered last week is backordered, and won’t be here until next week (my aching wrists!). On the high side, I found a stash of old cassette tapes that I’d forgotten about; lots of cool music to listen to, while I wait for things to happen.

Rooted evolutionary trees are wrong. Interesting fall out from the massive sequencing efforts of the past years. I need to read the actual paper… Link from Honeyguide

Defending the scientific imperative. I think there are interesting parallels between the fabled ‘Hands On Imperative’ of the Hacker Ethic and the motivations discussed in this article. Personally, I find that ‘dreamers’ produce more interesting science, and are responsible for pushing the borders of knowledge outwards. However, we also need the other type of scientist, the practical sort, to fill in the gaps that get left as the dreamers forge onwards.

On a whim, I downloaded and built Window Maker 0.53. I also un-installed the libPropList RPM that came with R5, and built my own. I don’t know which one of those was responsible, but it appears (cross fingers) that I have a Window Maker binary that doesn’t lock up the machine randomly. Of course, it’s possible that the condition hasn’t been triggered yet, but I’m happy for the moment. If you’re having trouble with Window Maker under R5, give those two things a try, and see if it helps.