I’ve been reading The Man Who Loved Only Numbers, and so I’ve come to find that my Erdös number is infinity. It’s likely to stay that way.

Cassini rounds Venus in a gravity assist maneuver. The Saturn-bound probe will get another push from Earth, later this summer. [Link from SciTech Daily

The Nerve Photo of the Day has been running a nice series from Andrew Einhorn; I’m looking forward to the forthcoming gallery of his work.

Couple new weblogs: The NIA and Have Browser, Will Travel [eatonweb for the first; Scripting News for the second]

I’m taking the day off from work; lots of little picking up things to do around the house, and the cable person is coming out to switch us over to digital cable. I imagine I’ll get the tidying up out of the way quickly, and then I’ll probably tweak the site content and layout a bit more. No howls of outrage over the new look have been registered; if you’ve got strong feelings one way or another, let me know at jacobs@azstarnet.com.