(published june 28th, 1999)


I’ve been reading The Man Who Loved Only Numbers, and so I’ve come to find that my Erdös number is infinity. It’s likely to stay that way.

Cassini rounds Venus in a gravity assist maneuver. The Saturn-bound probe will get another push from Earth, later this summer. [Link from SciTech Daily

The Nerve Photo of the Day has been running a nice series from Andrew Einhorn; I’m looking forward to the forthcoming gallery of his work.

Couple new weblogs: The NIA and Have Browser, Will Travel [eatonweb for the first; Scripting News for the second]

I’m taking the day off from work; lots of little picking up things to do around the house, and the cable person is coming out to switch us over to digital cable. I imagine I’ll get the tidying up out of the way quickly, and then I’ll probably tweak the site content and layout a bit more. No howls of outrage over the new look have been registered; if you’ve got strong feelings one way or another, let me know at jacobs@azstarnet.com.