I got tired of the old look. Not quite sure how I feel about this color scheme, but I’m tired of dinking around with HTML (for the moment). Still lots of little tweaks to be made around the site, but it’s almost bedtime here.

After a lot of pain and suffering over the past week, I finally gave up on Windowmaker under LinuxPPC R5, and switched to GNOME/Enlightenment. I’m not all that happy; WM is a lot zipper. However, the GNOME/E combo has the distinct advantage of not locking up the whole machine every 30 minutes. It seems as if the problem is starting to show up for other people, so hopefully it will get quashed soon.

Saturday night, I was too lazy to go to the video store, so the wife and I watched Can’t Hardly Wait on HBO. Three comments: (1) It’s pretty cool that the title came from a Replacements song, or that they at least used the Replacements song featuring that lyric. (2) If you haven’t seen this one yet, don’t. Both Say Anything and Some Kind of Wonderful tell basically the same story (it’s a classic, when you get down to it), and have much better soundtracks. (3) What’s the deal with Jennifer Love Hewitt’s disturbingly large head? Is it really much too big for her body, or does it just look like that because of her pencil thin neck?

Salon interviews George Carlin. I wasn’t too impressed with his latest show (which I caught on cable). In other comic-interview-related-news, the Village Voice has an interview with Richard Belzer, who seems much more entertaining. I almost picked up his book during the last Bookstore Pilgrimage, but the budget just wouldn’t allow it. I also had a link to a Chris Rock interview, but I can’t seem to find it. I’m looking forward to seeing his new routine in a couple of weeks.

Last week, Wired had a puff piece on a database-mining assistant that’s being aimed at the bioinformatics/genomics market. The need for the product is definitely there, but I’m not sure if this is the way to do it. Wouldn’t it be better to set up the databases (e.g., Genbank) so that this type of correlation was already present?