the lack of updates over the past few days can be attributed to two things: (1) my stupidity and, um…that explains it all, come to think of it.

i foolishly decided to upgrade my linuxppc installation to R5 on Sunday night, instead of waiting for the weekend. Murphy licked his chops, and I’ve spent the non-work hours of the last couple of days fighting to get back to a functional spot. I’m still not quite there; this update is coming to you from the mighty Work Honker (don’t tell anybody…)

Birthday gifts that are just too cool: new geek hat, world domination shirt, and Crytponomicon. (Check out the Crytponomicon review on /.; there’s not much more to add. If you haven’t read it yet, you should be soon…)

this is going to have to be it for the moment; i’ve got a ton of bookmarked stuff to sift thru, and i’ve got to re-compile most of the software i use on my home box, and get back to work on the GUI front end for genpage, and figure out how to use all the nifty new features of the latest release of the latter…