(published june 17th, 1999)


I just realized that my dates have been off all week. Fixed that problem…

From Rebecca’s Pocket, I found out about the Viridian Notes, a design movement started by noted author Bruce Sterling. Lots of interesting stuff in there, at exactly the point when I don’t have time to dig into it. Following this chain of links, I also learned that Bruce Sterling has a new book out. Looks like a trip to the bookstore is in my future.

I think I’ve linked to Unobserved Utterances before, but I’m doing it again in the hopes that this will remind me to add it to the Daily Dose.

In the Just A Matter Of Time dep’t., a biotech firm announced that they had cloned a human embryo and taken it to the edge of implantation – in November. Two comments: (1) It is possible that this announcement has been made to lay groundwork for an IPO or a round of VC courting? Financials in the biotech sector have been a little low, and ‘any publicity is good publicity’. (2) The media fallout on this one is going to be even more interesting than normal, me thinks…

I haven’t been into the mp3 thing too much; my home box is a little too under-powered to play mp3s without slowing down everything else, and downloading lots of 3 and 4 MB files over a modem link sucks. With the new work box however, both limitations have gone away, and I’ve been browsing around mp3.com for interesting stuff lately. A couple of recommendations in the ‘indie/alternative’ category: The Sacred Monkeys of Bali (mp3s here) and Noah’s Red Tattoo (mp3’s here).