Murphy evidently heard me talking about a more frequent update schedule, and ate my web content Zip disk as a sign of approval. So, I’ve been back home to retrieve the tarred archive, and now I’m back at the lab. I’m not too happy with the Zip disk shuttling solution, but I haven’t come up with anything stunningly better.

One of the things that got lost was the source for the gooeyGenpage GUI. Back to the drawing board on that one, I guess. It’s ok; after browsing the sample chapter of Learning Perl/Tk, there are several things I could go to make the geometry management a little bit cleaner.

Here are those screenshots I promised yesterday: One and Two. Both are 1280x1024 jpgs of about 200 K. One shows some nice transparent terms; Two demonstrates my usual browsing configuration. Both feature gobs of dockapps and GQmpeg.

On a mailing list, I asked about setting the reply-to header back to the list, and someone whose name escapes me pointed me at ``Reply-To’’ Munging Considered Harmful. Sure enough, my mailer does have a reply-to-all command…

There’s a new issue of Perlmonth up. I haven’t had time to get thru all of it, but I’m lookingforward to the Perl/Tk section.

On Macintouch, Ric pointed to Apple-flavored Unix, a collection of information about running a *nix on your Mac. John Morrow, a fellow-TFUG-er, has got similar information on Free UNIX for your Macintosh. I dig that ‘Think REAL Different’ graphic!

I’ve been meaning to add these links to the Daily Dose for quite some time: Alan Cox’s diary and Telsa Cox’s diary.

I’m waiting for that birthday cash to roll in before ordering LinuxPPC R5. However, I’m also downloading it a little early (I’m impatient, you see) from ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/linux/linuxppc, a nice fast West Coast mirror site. I’m getting consistent 300 K/sec throughput on the UA ethernet.

On Flutterby the other day, Dan pointed to an article about G.W. Bush. I just got around to looking at it today; I’m fairly pissed. A tip for the crypto-fascists in the crowd: the key part of the word is crypto; saying things like “there ought to be limits to freedom” just takes all the mystery out of it. So, ole’ Jeb is out of contention for 2000. I can feel my gorge rising at the thought of voting for Mr. Tipper ‘PMRC’ Gore, too. Maybe it’s time to look into postdoc opportunities in Canada…

H. sap. genome almost 90% complete. Cool.