Yesterday’s failure to update was due to a system meltdown. I’m basically back up to speed; luckily, most everything important was backed up in preparation for the move to the new honker. However, I did lose my mail spool file, so if you sent mail this week, please send it again.

the honker Here’s the spec’s on the new work box. If I’m real lucky, it will be delivered today; sometime next week is more likely.

  • Asus P2B-LS motherboard
  • Pentium II 450 MHz/512K cache/MMX
  • 9 GB ultra wide SCSI hard drive
  • IDE Zip drive
  • 48X IDE CD-ROM
  • Digiview 17" 1600x1200 monitor
  • Matrox G200 AGP video card
  • SoundBlaster AWE 64

Comments or suggestions for an easy Red Hat install are welcome, but I don’t expect any problems…

micro-rant Got the new Wired yesterday. I can remember when it was about cool people doing cool stuff, and the fact that people were getting insanely rich was irrelevant. Now Wired is about people getting insanely rich, and cool stuff is irrelevant. Unfortunately, I think I already re-sub’d for another year. Sigh…

car In addition to the system meltdown, I also found out yesterday that the recurrent problems with our 1997 Saturn SL2 are mystifying the techs at the local dealer. They had to do some sort of conference hookup with the techs in Spring Hill, which resulted in re-wiring some parts of the electric system. We’ve been very happy with the car, but this whole series of events is making me very nervous.

stuff Some stuff to download and/or look at:
There’s a new Window Maker out; builds fine under LinuxPPC. The download link for genpage got fixed, but I haven’t played with the new tarball yet. A couple of links from memepool: Bart Simpson waggin’ his ass and an on-going rerun of Calvin & Hobbes. On the information radar front, Wes is back, and I think I need to start looking at AntiOnline more. Finally, over on Flutterby, Dan’s linked to a piercing site. (That link has pictures of body parts you can’t show on broadcast TV; you’ve been warned.) First, OUCH! Second, how do these people get through metal detectors?