.plan No real update today. It’s a holiday, after all. I’ll be doing some long-delayed yard work, catching up on email, doing net searches for high school classmate addresses (10 year reunion this summer), re-building the software on a Mac at the (hopefully deserted) lab, and making a final decision on the Linux box purchase. For all the people who wrote with suggestions on the purchase, thanks. I’ll be replying individually, hopefully today. (My inbox has 94 mails as I write this…)

Site-wise, I’m mostly done with my additions to the Links section; now I just need to update the Site section and tweak the Archives pages to get them into the CSS style I’m using. Maybe then I’ll be able to take a crack at re-working my wife’s web site. Of course, if I get the Propaganda volunteer position, all bets are off! I’m quite anxious to hear if I made the cut; hopefully that will happen this week.