frustration Well, the Linux box for work didn’t get ordered, because the system specs on the Penguin Computing site describe a setup that they don’t sell anymore. It took them almost 4 business days to get this information to back to us. When I called them to check on the specs of available systems, I asked the person who answered the phone for the Sales department. The response: “He’s out right now, I don’t know when he’ll be back.” The combination of these two events cost them my business.

Now, one week after I thought the whole purchase mess had been settled, I’m back at square one. Anyone with any advice or recommendation on purchasing a sub-$2000 system+monitor to run Linux on, please mail me. I’m particularly interested in opinions on purchasing systems with Linux pre-installed versus purchasing a Windows system and doing the install myself.

I had other stuff I was going to post about, but I’m still too pissed. Have a nice 3 day weekend, those of you who get them.