the dime drops I was thinking more about ‘Edit this Page’ some more today. The link to Marc Andreessen’s latest talk (seen on Scripting News) helped quite a bit. I get it now; the product doesn’t make sense to me because I’m outside the target demographic. I’ve moved into the realm of the cantankerous geek, who doesn’t understand why people can’t use computers! I feel so much better now; I’m not stupid, just smug and elitist. I feel an almost unbearable urge to LART somebody…

Speaking of LARTs, here’s a bit of a mini-rant: Sometime between when I first read that DaveNet and when I linked to it, Dave changed some of the content. Specifically, he added the PS about linking the functionality to vi, Emacs, and BBEdit. Fairly harmless, but it undermines my point about evolving tools rather than asking people to use new ones, and it makes it look as if I didn’t read carefully. (I did!) Jakob Nielsen warns against linkrot, and advocates permanent URLs for all content. Hand-in-hand with that: if you’ve got something that looks like permanent content and you revise it, you need a version log!, or some other method of indicating what changes were made, and when (and maybe why). The web is ephemeral enough; don’t make it worse. (If Dave’s new tool catches on, this problem is only going to get worse.)

ary-scay Psst! Hey you! chelon-Eay is-ay eal-ray. Art-st using-ay rong-stay cryption-enay… (seen on lashdot-say.)

elaboration While browsing all the good Homicide-related content at Windowseat , I found a link to Rebecca’s Pocket , another cool looking web log. Rebecca has some nice resource link lists, which I’ll be raiding as my links section gets more developed. I did get a popup of daily links up and running, using code I filched from cam . I plan to do the same for my HTML, Perl, and general science links, which should make researching stuff easier.

mac emacs Yesterday, Bare Bones rev’d BBEdit, adding a lot of Perl functionality. I haven’t made the lab upgrade to BBEdit 5 yet, because I’m the only one who uses it and 4 suits me fine. The new features do look pretty cool, so maybe it’s time.

survival I made it through the dental visit. Phew! My teeth are fine, but I apparently need to start paying attention to my gums. In the waiting room, I came up with a nifty idea to add to glossGenpage: a modification to check the time stamps on include files as well as content files. I’m always having to touch .content files because I changed includes; if I get the patch to work, I won’t have to do that anymore.