terrorism A Washington Post article from early May describes attacks on research animal facilities around the United States. As a working scientist, this makes me grind my teeth. Animal research is fundamental to development of safe treatments for all kinds of afflictions. People who feel this strongly that use of research animals is wrong shouldn’t be breaking into labs, but rather volunteering as subjects. Be sure to read to the end of the article to find out about the loving care the ‘rescued’ research animals were given.

self-medication I’ve been taking B-6 and B-12 mega-doses to help my wrist ache; reportedly doses far exceeding the RDA can have a beneficial effect on connective tissues. This experiment has lead me into more un-charted waters; I picked up some ginkgo biloba extract pills at the supermarket this weekend. They’re supposed to improve memory and concentration; a study reported in JAMA found that they were moderately helpful in the treatment of dementia. Effects are supposed to kick in after a few weeks; I’ll mention any effects I notice. (I am remembering to take the pills, which I suppose is a good start.)

hackage As Graham of virulent memes reminded me, I forgot to mention the status of the glossyGenpage hack. It’s done, it’s functional, and it’s being used to build GeneHack. I’ve been in contact with the author of genpage; he’s considering the changes. If they aren’t incorporated, I’ll release glossyGenpage separately; I’ve also got some ideas for additional primitives. If you’d like a copy of the modified code, please mail me. I’m not posting it for general download until I hear back from joev.

navel gaze Jon Katz’s piece on weblogs hit slashdot.org. I responded to the piece, and to the comments of others. I fear I was too late with my comments, and don’t expect to see much followup from the slashdot ‘community’.

miscellaneous euphoria My project is creaking forward, and I found out that my work Linux box got ordered today. It should be here later this week; I’m very excited to be able to get all my work stuff off my home box. Plus, Internet Alchemy called GeneHack a ‘nice read’, bringing in some hits and pushing me to my second highest day. And I made the first cut (see themes.org) for volunteers to work on HTML coding for PROPAGANDA. Today was a good day.