blah I’ve got quite a case of the blahs this morning. I’ve got sequence analysis code running, so my computer feels real sluggish, and I’m picking up on that. I think I’m going to kick back, watch my code run, read some statistics, and maybe hack a little on some of the GeneHack legacy content and the glossyGenpage code. Everybody have a good weekend…

shiny happy code I got a working version of glossGenpage going yesterday. I’ve still got to comment the code, add a few more bells-and-whistles, and update the documentation. I suppose I should contact the author of genpage and find out if he wants to fold my changes into his code base. If anybody wants a pre-release look at what I’ve done, mail me. A reasonably final version should be ready to go by Monday.

on the qt You’ve probably heard about Hushmail, which is a new web-based email service offering 1024-bit encryption. If you feel the need to send me something and fear that They are watching, mail it to genehack@hushmail.com, ok?

follow-up Jorn Barger of Robot Wisdom dropped a line to let me know that Dave Winer’s stated purpose in registering those domain names (see below) was about what I described (directory-cum-search-engine). I poked around Scripting News and associated sites a bit this morning and found some discussion group threads on the subject. All the weblog domains point to NewsSearch.UserLand.Com, which only indexes three sites. It might be more appropriate to point them at my.userland.com, but that’s just a portal, as far as I know. No indexing for searching goes on.

interesting… One little nugget for the evening – more in the morning. I was brain-farting around ideas about weblogs and some social stratification issues; which weblogs are more popular and why, etc., etc. I was wondering about setting up some kind of meta-directory-cum-search-engine for weblog sites, which would index daily weblog entries, on the theory that the links are more likely to be ‘good’, whatever that means. So, just on a lark, I did some whois searches on domains. Check out who’s got web-log.com, web-logs.com, and weblogs.com snapped up. weblog.com is registered to a Korean company, but doesn’t appear to be serving web pages. Given the rather ideosyncratic naming conventions of the weblog crowd, we’d need to come up with a more original name, me thinks.