freebie Free online access to the Trends Journals ends on June 1st, so get reading.

skeletons in the incubator From the Washington Post, an article alleging that Genentech researchers used bacteria stolen from UCSF to generate their first ‘killer’ product: recombinant human growth hormone (HGH).

project I’m working on adding a new primitive to genpage. The only thing that I really miss from Frontier is the glossary, so I decided to add one. glossyGenpage should be ready for beta-test in a few days, unless something un-expected comes up (see below).

obligation I have jury duty today. I’m quite interested to see if I get picked; from talking to other people in the department, scientists are considered to be ‘bad’ jurors. The long hair and beard probably aren’t going to help either, and the Darwin fish on the car is the coup de grace. (In Tucson, attorneys are allowed to ask about your bumper stickers during voir dire. Is this the case in other parts of the country?)