gilding the lily Work on moving content over to the new CSS format continues. I’ve modified my genpage tempate to include a more informative <META> description tag, so hopefully people hitting GeneHack via a search engine will be a bit better informed as to what they’ll see. Big thanks go out to Brigitte Eaton of eatonweb for taking some screenshots of GeneHack in Windows platform browsers. I’m relieved to see that the CSS works fairly well cross-platform, and I’m glad the font size issue isn’t a big problem. (No pun intended.)

All my old content has been moved over to the new format, albeit not completely. I found some old weblog archives, dating back to September of 1998, so I posted those also. I hadn’t realized I’ve been doing this for quite that long…

Here’s what still needs to be done, as far as converting the old content over (more for my information than because I think any of you care):

  • Archives: - move content to CSS format

  • Links: - make up links meta information side box - move content to CSS format - organize links into sections - make pop ups (ala CamWorld for various sections that warrent it.

  • Personal: - make up personal meta information side box - move content to CSS format - organize content - expand content - link-ify various items

  • Overall: - verify content with W3C HTML validator - verify content with W3C CSS validator - verify content with Bobby - tweak more! - re-submit to various search engines and directories

The quantity of daily updates may be a bit slack this week, as I get the above things accomplished.

masochism My Linux re-installation went about as well as can be expected. The system feels a little bit more responsive, too, which is good. I just wish I hadn’t had to re-compile XEmacs 5 times… I passed the time reading the Unix Hater’s Handbook

readin’ material There’s a new HMS Beagle up.