everybody loves perl Perlmonth is a new webzine devoted to all things Perl-ish. The first month includes a nice article from Vicki Brown on MacPerl.c

gratitude In the past couple of days, GeneHack got mentioned on The Bradlands and Vacuum, which brought in some hits, and hopefully some new regulars. Tip of the orthopedic wrist braces to both sites.

real life bites weblog; film at eleven I’m giving lab meeting today (joy!) and then my wife is getting hooded for her Master’s degree. I’ve still got to finish up a few overheads tomorrow morning in the lab, which means early bedtime, which means this short update. I’m planning on overhauling my Mac partitions when I update to 8.6 this weekend, and if I get real ambitious, I might try to re-install my Linux setup. It’s been a little wonky, and I keep finding little bits of software cruft between the seat cushions. So, don’t be surprised if there’s no update tomorrow…